SEVENTH SEAL were born in 1996 with the name of “XXX”.
Influenced by various groups such as Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen’s Helloween, Gamma Ray as well as the early Iron Maiden, they start performing classic heavy metal with Italian lyrics.

In that same year they also perform live, offering a combination of the most important heavy metal bands’ covers and other unpublished songs.

In August 1997 "XXX" record their first demo "Incubi", a fine sample of their metal sound as proved both by their live performances and the reviews published in specialized metal rock magazines in Italy.

At the beginning of 1999 the drummer decides to leave the band, substituted by Marco Confetti (alias Mark Napolitano) who joins the band in May. In that same year they decide to write their lyrics in English.

At the end of 1999 while recording a new demo-cd the band’s name is changed to SEVENTH SEAL. Their new demo-cd “The Black Dragon’s Eye” is recorded at Frank Andiver’s Zenith Recordings Studios in Lucca with the special participation of the guest vocalist Alexx Hall from Wonderland.

In 2000 to cope with a number of live concerts, Andrea Mati enters SEVENTH SEAL as a bass guitarist and the band records five covers. Such work along with “The Black Dragon’s Eyes” was supposed to become a double mini-cd. Nevertheless, the project is never accomplished and the quintet decides to compose new songs and go on with live performances in Italy.

Among the live shows performed in 2001 and 2002 SEVENTH SEAL open popular concerts such as those by Eldritch and White Skull.

In February 2003 SEVENTH SEAL sign a recording contract with the Italian label Steelheart Records which allows the publication of “The Black Dragon’s Eyes” in full length later in November.

After the release of their debut album “The Black Dragon’s Eyes” , SEVENTH SEAL carry on live performances at the most important clubs in Tuscany, thanks also to the collaboration with Frozen Tears who share the stages of Cencio’s, Mulligans, Easy Rider and others with them.

The first reviews of their album appear on fanzines and web’zines, both in Italy and abroad, particularly the Japanese Burn which, besides praising the album, places it among the best releases in the power metal scene in 2004 .

At the end of that same year Steelheart Records releases “A Tribute to the Glory of the 80’s metal” containing two covers played by SEVENTH SEAL : “Flee from Reality” by the American band Metal Church and “I’m alive” by Helloween. Again the critics review the band’s work and the entire album positively. Compliments go particularly to the band’s singer Chiara Luci, considered the “Italian Metal Queen”.

In 2005 SEVENTH SEAL work on their next album, but Francesco, co-founder of the band along with Pasquale, decides to leave for a period. The band then undergoes a period of transition with the engagement of Marco Zanobini followed by Daniele Cecconi, both close friends of the band’s and excellent guitarists.

At the end of 2005 SEVENTH SEAL get back to their original line-up with Francesco's return to the guitar.

In 2006 SEVENTH SEAL sign with the Italian label MY GRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS and in the end of the same year they record their second album "The Sacred Test" at "ZENITH recordings".

Of particular importance is the live show in February 2008, the band has opened the concert of ULI JON ROTH (from 1973 to 1978 in the SCORPIONS).

After the release of their second album "The Sacred Test", in June 2008, SEVENTH SEAL carry on live performances.




Line-up 1996 (XXX)

Incubi (1997)

Line-up 1999 (SEVENTH SEAL)

Line-up 2000/2009

The Black Dragon's Eyes (2003)
The Sacred Test (2008)